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The tropical city of Maceió is positioned on the coast of Brazil between Mundau Lake and the Atlantic Ocean. Maceió is the capital, and largest, city of the coastal state of Alagoas. It’s home to approximately 900,000 residents. Learning Portuguese in Maceió can be commingled with exploring the nearby tropical rain forests and over 20 kilometers of urban beaches. Students studying Portuguese in Maceió can also partake in a variety of diverse Brazilian cultural dances at the many dance classes and bars located in the city.

Maceió Study Portuguese in Maceió (Brazil)

  • Maceió InhabitantsInhabitants: 933,000
  • Maceió LocationLocation: On the Beach
  • Maceió TemperatureTemp: 31°C (Jan), 27°C (Jul)
  • Maceió TimezoneTimezone: UTC-3
  • Maceió CurrencyCurrency: Brazilian real (BRL)
  • Maceió CountryCountry: Brazil

Nature and History

Students studying Portuguese in Maceió will be immersed in a rich history that dates back to the 16th century when Dutch settlers first arrived to Maceió to establish sugar cane plantations. At the time the settlement was inhabited by Indians who had named the settlement “Maca-yo” or “Macai-o-k”, Practice Portuguese in Maceió Maceió Photo Gallery which means a “place covering the swamp.” The port of Maceió was established to support the sugar plantations that the city revolved around. The expanded port allowed the city to expand into other ventures such as the timber industry. In 1839 the city of Maceió became the capital of the newly established state of Alagoas. Students learning Portuguese in Maceió have the opportunity to witness this history first-hand by visiting historic slave sites and settlements located near the city.

Tropical Climate Year Round

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Enjoy studying Portuguese in Maceió in a tropical climate with warm to hot temperatures coupled with relatively high humidity throughout the year. The average temperature is 77° F / 25° C with January being the warmest month and July experiencing the coolest temperatures and the most rainfall. Aside from the beautiful beaches and lively downtown, students choosing to learn Portuguese in Maceió will have the opportunity to revel in nature in the nearby tropical rainforests.

Learn Portuguese in Maceió