Accommodation in São Paulo

We propose two main types of accommodation while learning portuguese in São Paulo; staying with a carefully-screened, Portuguese-speaking family in our home stay program, or arranging your own accommodations – choosing between any number of hostels, hotels, apartment hotels or pousadas.

Home stay

By far the best option for complete language and cultural immersion during your stay in São Paulo is staying with a Portuguese-speaking Brazilian host family.

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All home stays are with families carefully screened by the staff at our language school in São Paulo, ensuring a quality stay with an enthusiastic family. Brazilians are known for their hospitality, and staying with a host family is a great way to get the most out of your home stay in São Paulo.

Our home stays include a single, private room in house (although a double room can be booked if two students are arranging a course together) with shared bathrooms. Our host families in São Paulo are enthusiastic about helping you learn Portuguese and will encourage you to practice with them. They are also very understanding of your studying needs and will respect your need to review and study the material from your São Paulo Portuguese language lessons privately and quietly.

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Staying with a host family in São Paulo is also a great way to experience typical home-cooked Brazilian food, as breakfast and dinner are included during the stay. To ensure Portuguese immersion, no more than two non-Portuguese speakers are allowed in one house. Bed linens are included and rooms are cleaned once a week.


For those seeking more privacy during their stay in São Paulo, we suggest staying in a hotel. Being a major city, São Paulo has many suitable options for all price ranges and levels of comfort. Recommended hotels/hostels include the O de Casa Hostel, Sampa Hostel, Royal Boutique Jardins, Clarion Faria Lima, and Hostel California Cafe Bar. Since normally meals aren’t included with your stay in a hotel in São Paulo, it will compel you to go out-and&-about, trying a wide variety of delicious cuisine in the various restaurants and local eateries.

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