Recreational Activities in Santiago de Chile

Santiago provides endless entertainment for the traveller. From the fine arts to traditional Chilean artisan crafts, excellent eateries and bars galore. Within the city you can enjoy the wonders of nature with a visit to the zoo, the walking trails of Cerro San Cristobal, the botanical gardens, or the countless parks that dot the city. It's hard to rest in a city that provides so much!

Learning Beyond Language

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A part of understanding a language deeply is learning about the cultures that use it. The Spanish school of Santiago keeps you engaged in the culture, only making your time there richer. Some of the activities include:

•Empanadas and Wine- Every Monday we gather for some social time around these Chilean staples.

• Dance- Learn Salsa, Tango, or the traditional dance of Chile, the Cueca. Impress any Chilean during your stay with some fancy footwork rooted in Chilean history..

• Language exchange- Every Friday evening practice your language skills with a native speaker. Make new friends and learn some Chilenismos (Chilean slang!).

•Touring- A variety of museums and tours are scheduled for our students, from Pablo Neruda's home to the Fine Arts Museum.

• Where the wine grows- A tour of a vineyard lends a special appreciation for the generations of expertise and care that gets poured into our glasses. Wander through the rows and learn how this age-old business works.

Beyond the Borders

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Just beyond the borders of Santiago you have the pleasure of enjoying a more traditional Chile that is sure to knock your socks off. Part of what makes Chile so special is it's unusual shape. Long and thin, the country lies between the wild Pacific waters and the majestic Andes mountains, with it's widest point never more than 150 miles! So to travel from ocean to mountains is easy to do! Excursions to consider are hiking and trekking in the Morado National Park. Enjoying the warm waters of natural hot springs. Or visiting the natural palm forest of the La Campana National Park. A trip to the historic port city of Valparaiso will offer colorful streets, furniculars, and the classic Chilean dish of chorillana. Or a weekend away to La Serena, the coastal town that holds one of the largest space observatories in the world!

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