Learn Spanish in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a popular vacation spot for Europeans travelling to the Caribbean - no wonder, with its voluptuous beaches, warm climate and hospitable people. By learning Spanish in the Dominican Republic, you will not only acquire a language but the key to making Dominican friends.

You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive a Spanish course in the Dominican Republic is, and amazed by the indigenous culture and Nature once you’re there. Spend your time between Spanish lessons in the Dominican Republic seeing the sights around Santo Domingo and soaking up the sun on the nearby coast.

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Highlights

  • The Old Town of Santo Domingo, a part of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage
  • Punta Cana, a vacationer Mecca, a plethora of sun, sand and sea
  • The amazing waterfalls Salto de Jimenoa and de Baiguate in the Jarabacoa area

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Learn Spanish in the Dominican Republic