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Choosing the best accommodation in Santo Domingo for you is easy with the variety of options available. Are you looking for the cultural exchange and warmth that comes with staying with a family? Or maybe the autonomy of an apartment? Whatever suits your need and travel personality, our Santo Domingo language school provides the best, and seriously vetted, accommodation for you. Enjoy the island from any of these hospitable spaces!

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Staying with a family gives you the opportunity to learn and enjoy Dominican culture up close and personal! Practicing your new language skills, sharing stories, exploring cultural differences, and making new friends on this beautiful island are just a part of this special experience. All Santo Domingo homestays are selected with the highest comfort and quality in mind. Meals are an additional package, so please indicate that you would like them included.


With the option of a single or double room, you can enjoy the amenities of hotel life while you take your Spanish courses in Santo Domingo. Linger over breakfast, included with your stay, and then make your way to class. All hotels are an easy distance from the school, giving you time to explore your temporary neighborhood. The variety of high quality hotels offer a range of services, from laundry, in-room television, to private bath, depending on your choice.

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If you are looking for a little more independence or the opportunity to live with a traveling friend, the Santo Domingo Spanish language school offers apartments to rent during your stay. Typically within the Colonial District, you have the option of a single or shared apartment, with a kitchenette and communal bathroom. Keys are available during your stay and require a deposit, returned to you at the end of rental. Enjoy your classes by day and the luxury or your private apartment by night, with this option!

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