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Whether you choose to study Spanish in the Amazon in the community of the eco lodge or among the Shuar people, your accommodations in the Amazon provide you with everything you need. Both options nestle you inside the Ecuadorian rainforest and offer unique insight into the varied life of this tropical country. Your Amazon accommodations bring Spanish to life as you share meals, stories, and adventures in this learned language.


If studying with the Shuar people is the course you choose, the experience of a homestay in the Amazon is waiting. You will be provided a private room, simple but flavorful meals, drinking water, traditional drinks like “Chicha” and "nijiamanch", and a cultural experience like none other. Living simply among deep traditions, the healing jungle, and the spirit of nature is what this Amazon accommodation offers you. Of course, if a libation or some needed supplies are on your list of to-do’s, don’t worry. A bar and store are located near the community.

Study Spanish and stay in the Amazon Jungle Amazon Jungle Photo Gallery

Eco Lodge

Among the ancient jungle the eco lodge accommodation houses 27 double cabins equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Each cabin has a private bath with hot water 24 hours a day. A hammock, mosquito net, secure storage, towel, drinking water, and bathroom staples are all provided for you. But don’t worry that you’re completely missing out on a rustic experience.

Since electricity is provided only during the evening hours you will enjoy a taste! A restaurant and bar are located at the eco lodge and provide tasty meals for all, including vegetarians and those with food allergies. Your eco lodge accommodation in the Amazon is the perfect mix of comfort and adventure.

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