Learn Spanish in the Amazon

Practice Spanish in the Amazon Amazon Jungle Photo Gallery

Do the sounds of the rain-forest lure you to sleep at night from a machine on your nightstand? Why settle for a replica when you can snooze to the real thing? Choosing to study Spanish in the Amazon provides you with all of the sounds of nature while inspiring your language study in ways you never expected.

Spanish study in the Amazon is an opportunity to learn in a place that holds nature’s ancient secrets. Two stunning school locations offer the smells, sounds, culture, and tradition for your Amazon Spanish study, allowing your senses to absorb learning in a new and fresh way.

The Ecuadorian AmazonStudy Spanish in Amazon (Ecuador)

  • Amazon InhabitantsInhabitants: N/A
  • Amazon LocationLocation: Amazon Basin
  • Amazon TemperatureTemp: 27°C (Jan), 29°C (Jul)
  • Amazon TimezoneTimezone: UTC-5
  • Amazon CurrencyCurrency: U.S. Dollar (USD)
  • Amazon CountryCountry: Ecuador

A Healing Forest

Study Spanish in the Amazon Amazon Jungle Photo Gallery

Throughout history, the Amazon rain-forest has provided humanity with a bounty of healing plants. When you study Spanish in the Amazon you will have the opportunity to learn more about the essential role of this resource in our species welfare. Plants, fungi, insects, trees, and animals will all begin to look a bit different to your eyes when you learn the plethora of healing uses that they provide. Learning Spanish in the Amazon connects your new language skills with an ideal practice environment of names, stories, myths, and tradition. Spanish learning in the Amazon inspires mind, body, and soul.

The Call of the Wild

Labeled by ecologists as a “megadiversity hotspot” your Amazon Spanish study puts you in the midst of the widest range of ecosystems and animal life. While you learn Spanish in the Amazon language school challenge yourself to spot tapirs, capybaras, monkeys, otters, pumas, panthers, or the furry guatusa, which looks like an over-sized short-eared rabbit.

For those who prefer to get a glimpse of the critters that camouflage, don’t worry. There are over 800 species of reptiles, amphibians, and a multitude of beautiful birds like the Scarlet Macaw and the Harpy Eagle that make the Ecuadorian rain-forest home. But learning Spanish in the Amazon lets you enjoy these animals from a safe distance with a well-trained guide to amplify this once in a lifetime experience.

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Learn Spanish in the Amazon