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Learn Spanish in Otavalo, a small and prosperous indigenous town located in the Andes, two hours north of Quito. Otavalo has a growing population of about 30,000 people. In a valley between the inactive stratovolcano Imbabura Volcano in the south and the dormant Cotacachi Volcano in the north, the town is situated at 2,550 meters above sea level. Otavalo is considered an exemplary story of an indigenous population that turned their textile products into a global success, all while respecting and maintaining their cultural habits. Study Spanish in Otavalo and discover the unique history of the city. Read more about learning Spanish in Otavalo »

Otavalo Spanish School

Our school in Otavalo prides itself on being a family-run Spanish language center. When the Otavalo language school opened its doors in 1994 it began catering to foreigners and travelers from across the globe. After 15 years our language school has the facilities, experience and staff to help you conquer your Spanish language quest! Read more about our Spanish School in Otavalo »

Otavalo Spanish Courses

The methodology of our Spanish courses in Otavalo has continued to develop for more than 15 years! Our language school in Otavalo has a system based on beginner to superior levels, with a focus on vocabulary and grammar. The program includes oral and written exercises in order to improve the speaking, listening and writing skills of each and every student. Every week, progress of the student is evaluated and if necessary, the students can switch classes that better fit their level. Read more about Spanish Courses in Otavalo »

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Learn Spanish in Otavalo