Study Spanish in Salamanca

Salamanca is a small city open to the world, which streets are a mixture of modernity and old architecture. Half its population are students, which means that it is the perfect place to learn Spanish, have fun and meet new people.

Salamanca Study Spanish in Salamanca (Spain)

  • Salamanca InhabitantsInhabitants: 192,000
  • Salamanca LocationLocation: Central Western Region
  • Salamanca TemperatureTemp: 7.9°C (Jan), 29.3°C (Jul)
  • Salamanca TimezoneTimezone: UTC+1
  • Salamanca CurrencyCurrency: Euro (EUR)
  • Spanish in Spanish CountryCountry: Spain

A Silver City

Study Spanish in Salamanca Salamanca Photo Gallery

If you're an architecture buff then learning Spanish in Salamanca, Spain is a dream destination. But the truth is, you don't have to be for these stunningly ornate buildings to take your breath away. When you study Spanish in Salamanca you are in the midst of not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but buildings that were built during the late Gothic and early Renaissance periods in the Plateresque style. The word “plata” means silver in Spanish and these building are abound with sandstone depictions that share similar intricacies that one would find of a silversmiths work. While learning Spanish in Salamanca, join the crowds of people that stand searching the delicate details hoping to absorb the grand stories they reveal.

The Learning Life

You can't find a better place than Salamanca to study Spanish, a city that houses the oldest university in Spain and the third oldest in the western world. Dating back to 1130, with it's official “University” title given in 1255 by Pope Alexander IV, it is one of the places that still accepts students from around the world. Why not you too? Learning Spanish in Salamanca brings you in contact with thousands of global and Spanish students enjoying the plazas, pubs, discos, and tapas bars after classes. Studying Spanish in Salamanca is the way place to make lots of new friends and practice your new language skills with them!

The Tantalizing Tapa

Learn Spanish in Salamanca Salamanca Photo Gallery

With lunch being the largest meal of the day you will find that while you study Spanish in Salamanca getting into the rhythm of tapas for dinner. Join the throngs of Spaniards and visitors heading out for an evening treat of wine and specialties of the region, all in small plate portions. After warming your lips with vigorous Spanish learning in Salamanca, liven your palette with regional tapas treats that include chorizo (sausage), jamon (ham), costilla (ribs), or the “pincho moruno” which features pork marinated in garlic and paprika. Make sure that during your Spanish study in Salamanca you learn tips on how to order tapas like a native since it makes the tasty experience even sweeter!

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Learn Spanish in Salamanca