Learn Spanish in Montevideo

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Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and the country’s largest city. Voted as one of the places with the best quality of life in Latin America, the city offers an array of activities and interesting tourist attractions. The city is located on the Northwestern border of the Rio de Plata, on the river mouth that opens to the Atlantic Ocean and separates Southern Uruguay from the Northern coast of Argentina. When you come to study Spanish in Montevideo you will experience the appealing warm and humid climate, with temperatures ranging from 14° C (57° F) in the winter to 24° C (75° F) in the summer.

Montevideo Study Spanish in Montevideo (Uruguay)

  • Montevideo InhabitantsInhabitants: 1.34 million
  • Montevideo LocationLocation: On the Southern Coast
  • Montevideo TemperatureTemp: 28.4°C (Jan), 15°C (Jul)
  • Montevideo TimezoneTimezone: UTC-3
  • Montevideo CurrencyCurrency: Uruguayan Peso (UYU)
  • Spanish South American CountryCountry: Uruguay

A Perfect Location

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Come to learn Spanish in Montevideo and you will be just a few hours away from other beautiful coastal cities in Uruguay. Montevideo’s location also makes traveling into the center of Uruguay fast and easy. Not to mention you are only a ferry-ride away from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. You will be able to visit the attractive interior landscapes of Uruguay and the majestic seaside while learning Spanish in Montevideo.

An International Cosmopolitan

Montevideo has an eclectic atmosphere with an assortment of neighborhoods to satisfy everyone’s tastes. The city has had an interesting collection of inhabitants throughout its colorful history. Different cultures have influenced the construction and architecture of the city such as the original the Portuguese founders, the Spanish conquerors, and even the British during World War II.

View the cobble stoned streets in Montevideo Montevideo Photo Gallery

The old historic town is made up of fascinating colonial architecture, but when you step out of Ciudad Vieja you will come across modern art-deco buildings. Parque Rodó is located close to the beach and is home to weekly markets and even an amusement park. Never mind which neighborhood you decide to frequent while studying Spanish in Montevideo, you will have an array of museums, restaurants and night-clubs to occupy your free time.

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Learn Spanish in Montevideo